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Thursday, October 27, 2011

And so, it starts.....

.....Hey y'all! How goes it for you this week? My week has been great, very uneventful. But sometimes boring is good ((sure beats a bad week)). So yeah, I filled out a couple of applications this week and send off my resume to a few companies, but I don't know that I really wanna leave my job. I thouroughly enjoy the freedom I have in my current position. This job was made FOR ME:

First. I can wear whatever I want to wear- jeans and a t-shirt? no prob. Prom dress? fab! Tux? yes, please :) Like really, anything.

2. I'm not confined to my desk for 7 hours a day. I'm technically bound to two 15 minute breaks and one hour lunch, but no one is keeping tabs. No one is clocking you. No one cares if you need two 30s, a 45, two 15s and a 7 (who knows how long it takes to smoke a square? LOL) So yeah, no chains.

and C. if any of y'all follow me on twitter (@TMaryMack) then you know that I haven't been to work at 8:00am ((our official start time)) nor stayed until 5pm ((end of day)) for like the past year! As long as all of my work is done, and done well, no one cares if I'm late or not.

So, does this sound like a job I should be giving up? Me thinks not! LBS, but here's the problem: I get paid jack-jack-booty-crack! They may as well be paying me in crack, at least that way I can sell it and have some sorta income! But yeah, all this freedom and no moolah, 'tis a vicious cycle ::womp:: So, I applied for a position in a diff department. They are literally feet away from my desk now, but they get paid almost twice as much as I do. I would still be able to wear what I want, but I would not be able to come and go as I please :/ I'm kinda excited about starting something new, but I'm afraid that things might be too different. I love my current position, but I'm afraid I may get too comfortable in this 'dead end' position. IDK.

So, what say you? Should I go for broke and just jump ship? Or stick it out where I am and make the most whilst being paid the least? Do you love your job or do you love the pay? Let me know! Peace <3T


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