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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Things I Find on the Innanet ::womp::

So, I'm just at work slackin off crusing the innawebs as always I do when all my work is finished, and I'm checking one of my favorite sites NoWayGirl and I immediately wished I'd never seent this
::le sigh X 3::

.... and if you take the time to look through the other pictures on the site (which I highly recommend), then you'll realize that there are plenty of things you will wish you can unsee. However, this made me stop dead in my tracks and severl things went through my mind...

1. When TF did men start having babies?
2. Wait, that's ridiculous! When did men start bringing their pregnant wives to the strip club?
3. Wait, that couldn't have been it! So, this woman was on her J-O-B at the skripp club and went into labor? ((Why must I cry?)) 

iCan't with life (no Steve Jobs) b/c this is not why God gave us ovaries. What say you? Do you hate this picture as much as I do? How do you think it really went down?  Is this baby doomed from jump? Let me know.

Peace, <3 T 


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