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Monday, September 26, 2011

Aloah Monday!!!

Hey y'all, how goes it on this fine day? And how was everyone's weekend? *listens intently* niiiiice :) and sorry to hear about your donkey... *cricket cricket*

Anywho, I had a pretty decent time. I spent Friday night with my guy, went shopping and to the movies. Then went shopping (thrifting and grocery) with my Mommy <<I love that woman!>> then cleaned my house and babysat my lil brother. We talked and watched movies and fell asleep on the couch. I need to spend more time with that lil boy :) Then Sunday is Football day in my house. Brad and I sat back and had a few and watched football. Poor Vikings did it again, they lost their 20 - 0 lead over the Lions and lost 20 - 23 *SMH* I still bleed Purple though!!!!!

Ahh, what I wanted to tell yall is that I got back my results from my CT scan and CA-125 marker. The CT came back unremarkable (their words) and still didn't show why my tummy is constantly hurting nor why my marker is steadily going up. Speaking of, my marker went up two points in like 5 days *le sigh* So, my doctor wants me to come back in a few weeks to re-check it, I guess... I'm just glad there was no bad news, just kinda disappointed that they still couldn't give me a reason my tummy hurts :/ So *shrug* we'll just see from here...

Thanks for rockin with the best me. What else would y'all like to see on this blog? I know I need to get a camera so's I can put up pictures, but what else? Sound out, sound off, be heard!

Peace, <3 T

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wish me luck!

Well, I go in for my CT scan tomorrow morning... my OncOBGYN is 'concerned' about me so he wants me to go in ASAPtually to get scanned. Ugh! I can't stand the taste of the contrast, although they have upgraded it from a couple of years ago. Still does not change the fact that it's disgusting and UNNATURAL! These things are not supposed to be in your body. I already told they ass I wasn't going, but they called my doctor (he's been with me from the beginning) and he convinced me to go.... snitching ass snitches! So, that's where I'll be tomorrow morning, then I'll be spending the rest of the day in the bathroom 'flushing out' all the junk they pump into me :/

I really shouldn't be complaining b/c I know there are some that have it way worse than I do. But I'm too young for this ish.

Wish me strength b/c I may pull a runaway bride on they ass!................... kidding. Maybe.

Peace, <3 T

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello hello!

Well, it's a slow day at work ((systems down)) and I figured it was time to check in again. So, *twirling hair* how ya doooooin? Oh me? I'm great. Broke up with my boyfriend and found out my CA-125 is increasing, but nothing a little blogging won't cure. LOL kidding, yall...

What's a CA-125, you ask? Well, it's a tumor marker. Let me tell you a little something about me :) I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer when I was 18. Yup. Stage 4. Almost terminal, but I thank GOD they found it in time. It consumed both of my ovaries, both of my fallopian tubes, and part of my bowel. I left outta there with my uterus and a very cool scar running from my bellybutton down to the middle of my pelvic bone.

Anywho, your CA-125 marks like how much 'cancer' you have. And when I initially went in for surgery, my marker was close to 3000........ 2999 to be exact hahaha. And 'normal' markers are in the single digits. Well, after chemo and all'a that good stuff my marker was down to 6! YES! #BOSS..... but in my last 4 doctor's visits it has gone from 6 to 7 to 13 to 18. And my doctor doesn't know why :/ bummer dot com.

So yeah. That's where I am. Where are you? Tell me something good! ((system up and running, so let me get back to work))

Peace, <3 T

Friday, September 9, 2011


So, I'm too new (and too broke) to all of this to be giving anything away, but fellow blogger, loc rocker, and fashionista, Ms. Made U Look, is giving away a pair of Asos Sunnies on her blog. So head over there and check her out! And not just for the glasses :) She does great DIY and Thrift Hauls!

Peace, <3 T

I'm such a geek!

Okay, so those last 3 posts were supposed to be comments on my 'Get to Know Me' post... I suck at this *giggle* but I'll get better. So, follow, comment, and HEEEELLLLLPPPPP!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

(3/3) BF and had a blast!
(2/3) Food there. I too love food and don't know what I would do without it LOL

Oh, and quick update: I have fired a gun :) went to the rang on a date with my

(1/3) Thanks to the both of you and welcome :) @Abie, I've been following you for a while, LOvE the blog! Keep it up.
And @Ag, sorry there's a shortness of Soul